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For more information on any of our crèches, get in contact with the Crèche directly today.

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For additional information on any of our crèches, get in contact with the the crèche directly  today.

Best Crèche Group

Best Crèche Group is a collective of professional Crèches that offer parents the very highest standard of childcare. All our Best Crèche Group Crèches, strive to create a friendly, welcoming and homely environment for children. 

We believe a crèche should be about making friends, learning new skills, enjoying play and feeling secure in a home away from home environment. All our crèches are staffed and facilitated by highly trained, passionate and supportive adults.

Our crèches are located in:

  • Shanakiel, Co. Cork

  • Clonmel Co. Tipperary

  • Glanmire Co. Cork

  • Killarney, Co. Kerry

  • Listowel, Co. Kerry

  • Model Farm Road, Co. Cork

  • Shanakiel, Co. Cork

Our crèches are designed with secure access entry points, car parks and opening times optimised for working or commuting parents.

Best Crèche Group's team members have a true vocation when it comes to looking after children. Many of our staff are mothers themselves, and understand the importance of being a caring adult.
All our staff are fun to be around and genuinely love working with children. When it comes to saying goodbye, at the end of the day, our team are already looking forward to the activities, stories and fun of the next day. 

Best Crèche Group

Bellview Woods Childcare

Established in 2003, Bellview Woods Childcare continues to set the standard in professional childcare. The facility is fitted with modern equipment and play areas.

Best Crèche Group

Clonmel Childcare

Considered one of Clonmel’s premier childcare facilities, Clonmel Childcare's high standards are reflected in their modern facilities and the standard of their highly trained staff.

Best Crèche Group

Feale Childcare

A beautiful welcoming facility, Feale Childcare remains one of Kerry’s best crèches. The high standard of their facilities is matched by their committed and long-term staff.

Best Crèche Group

Glanmire Childcare

Since 2006, Glanmire Childcare has been a sought-after childcare facility for parents all over Cork. Their team of childcare experts create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for children.

Best Crèche Group

Model Farm Road Childcare

Built in a modern and truly unique building, Model Farm Road joined Best Crèche Group in September 2006. Model Farm Road has built a reputation for excellence in professional childcare.

Best Crèche Group

Shanakiel Childcare

One of Best Crèche Group’s newest members, Shanakiel Childcare has established itself as a quality childcare facility. Shanakiel Childcare combines contemporary facilities with a highly trained team of enthusiastic and passionate staff.

About Us

Established in 2003, the Best Crèche Group is made up of six crèches located in Cork, Kerry and Tipperary. Our management team has over 30 years' experience in childcare and fully understands the challenges and worries parents face when looking for a crèche. We are here to support and guide you.

A friendly atmosphere is essential in our crèches. We create this atmosphere by fostering warm, caring relationships between staff members and children in their care. Our priority is the development of your child; whether it is emotionally, socially or physically. Our team all act as role models and recognise that children learn by example and are always learning through observation. We demonstrate mutual respect, encouragement and patience at all times in our crèches.